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Ned Fulmer of "The Try Guys" Caught In Cheating Scandal

Keith Habersberger, Ned Fulmer, Zach Kornfeld, and Eugene Lee Yang launched The Try Guys while working at Buzzfeed in 2014. Four years later, the content creators left BuzzFeed to start their own company and YouTube channel.

Now, one of the founding members is embroiled in a cheating scandal with a coworker.

Ned Fulmer was reportedly seen kissing Alexandria Herring, associate producer of The Try Guys and star of the "Food Babies" series. The two were filmed by a fan, who shared the videos with Fulmer's wife and Herring's fiancé.

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Fulmer proudly touts his marriage to Ariel on his Instagram bio and has co-written a cookbook with his wife, "The Date Night Cookbook." The Try Guys star speaks so frequently of his wife and marriage that in 2021, Second Try (The Try Guys' compilation channel on YouTube) released a video titled "Every Time Ned Fulmer Says 'My Wife.'" Ned and Ariel have two children together, four-year-old Wes and two-year-old Finn.

Eagle-eyed fans were quick to pull together clues regarding Ned and Herring's alleged affair.

According to Twitter user Cami, Ned has been suspiciously absent from The Try Guys channel's recent productions.

"Ned does not appear in the past 3 videos or intros," Cami writes. "He also was not in the past 3 podcast episodes."

Coincidentally, Fulmer was also removed from the channel's intro.

"Typically, the guys have an intro to their vids where all four guys appear but, in recent videos this has been replaced. Only Eugene, Zach and Keith appear in the new tracksuit ads at the beginning of videos. Despite Ned attending the photo shoot."

Screenshots captured from episodes during Fulmer's absence hint that Fulmer was present on set, yet edited out of the final video.

Fans point to the wall pattern changing between two different shots from the same angle.

The Try Guys additionally announced six days ago that the channel would be decreasing its post frequency through the month of October.

Fulmer was photographed with Herring and others in Vegas while fellow "Try Guy" Keith Habersberger was filming an episode; Fulmer and Herring do not appear in the published episode.

The crux of the controversy is screenshots shared by Reddit user by Hamilton390. The Redditor shared screenshots of a text exchange reportedly between themself and Herring's fiancé, Will Thayer.

In the texts, the witness claims to have been at Niagara Club in New York and seen Herring "making out with Ned." The witness then sent numerous videos of the two.

Fans immediately checked the social accounts of the individuals involved.

Will Thayer does not follow his fiancée's Instagram and has removed all photos with her.

Herring's "Food Babies" co-host YB is no longer following Herring nor Fulmer.

Longtime fans have been vocal about the scandal.

Others are drawing comparisons to John Mulaney's recent cheating scandal, too.

Twitter user @onvergeofcrying put it best.

EDIT 5:57 PM TUESDAY: The Try Guys have released a statement regarding the scandal. Ned Fulmer is no longer working with The Try Guys. Click here for more.

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