Baystate Health Calls "Code Rocky" For Coronavirus Recovery

Baystate Medical Center celebrates the recovery of COVID-19 patients with a cheer fit for Rocky Balboa himself.

In a new video posted on Instagram, Baystate Health announced that they have begun using "Code Rocky" to indicate when a patient has recovered from COVID-19.

"This new code is called when a COVID-19 positive patient is well enough to go home."

But the tribute doesn't end with the name. According to Baystate, "following the code, the Rocky theme song began to play. It will be adopted across all Baystate Health hospitals."

In the heartwarming clip below, Baystate shares the warm reception patients are greeted with as they make their way out of the hospital.

"With the patient’s consent, a Code Rocky gathers team members in the lobby to provide a standing ovation for the patient and the care team while the famous Rocky theme song is played."

"This is one of our ways to recognize the healing and recovery of patients with COVID-19," Baystate writes. "As one of our employees said 'This is what my heart needed. Thank you Baystate healthcare workers for making a difference!'"

As of Tuesday, April 14, Baystate Health proudly reported that 214 patients with COVID-19 have been discharged from the hospital.

Thank you for saving so many Bay Staters, Baystate Health!

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