Octopus Kites Are A Nightmarish New Trend

While the recent Mary Poppins film might fill you with the urge to go fly a kite, I beg you to consider something other than THIS.

The Holland Kite Team shared a video of a nightmarish collection of kites shaped like octopi. The team launched the horrifying display at the kite festival Internationaal Vliegerfestival Emmen.

In the clip, the long tentacles of each octopus squirm and swirl as they're buffeted by the wind, creating a stunning - and slightly disconcerting - dance.

Want one for yourself? Holland Kite Team revealed the kites are from Weifang Fullfar Kites Co. The 20 meter octopus, like the one featured in the video, will put you back about $750 USD.

You can order a similar one at a fraction of the price here.

Check out the video below!


Photo: Holland Kite Team/Facebook

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