Vermont Man Flips Off Town Officials With 16 Foot Middle Finger

A Vermont man has erected a scandalous sculpture in response to his local government.

After multiple permit requests to expand his business were repeatedly denied, Ted Pelkey has decided to show town officials exactly what he thinks of them.

That's right. Pelkey spent $4,000 to build a 700 pound sculpture of a middle finger.

Our friends at WBZ NewsRadio 1030 followed up with Pelkey to learn more.

“It’s the small town politics, right? We’re trying to develop some land, and we’ve been doing it for 10 years now. And it’s just the runaround you get from … the people who run your town,” Pelkey said.

Pelkey has a truck repair and microfiber recycling business he wants to expand, but has run into roadblocks from town officials.

“You could have stood out by the road, right? And you could have screamed at the top of your lungs what that finger’s saying, right? And nobody would listen,” Pelkey said. “So, you put the finger up there — it doesn’t say anything, it’s silent — and god, it’s pretty loud I guess.”

Town officials have not provided comment.

“I must admit, when I did put it up I felt that we would be in violation again with the town, because we were always in violation for something,” Pelkey said. “But, I learned after that it was public art. I was ecstatic. I think it’s wonderful.”

And since the sculpture is considered public art, the town can't force Pelkey to remove it.

Looks like Pelkey got the last laugh.

Photo: Ted Pelkey/Facebook