The Dark Side Rises In Star Wars Shadow Art


Artist Red Hong Yi brings your favorite sci-fi series to life in her collection at the Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center.

From feathers to cotton balls, Hong Yi utilizes unconventional materials in her modern art.

"I am an artist who creates art using everyday materials," Hong Yi explains on Facebook, "to transform our understanding of objects and image-making."

Hong Yi's Star Wars series is featured in the Anchorage Museum's exhibition, "The Art of Fandom."


The exhibition, which runs through mid-March, "explores today's popular culture," according to Hong Yi. "I got to contribute to the Star Wars gallery via my light and shadow pieces."

Her 7-piece collection includes a chocolaty Star Wars logo, feathered Chewbacca, computerized R2D2, cotton Storm Trooper, twiggy Yoda, denim Leia, and tin Darth Vader.

Check out the full series below!

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