Man's Campaign To Name Kid After 'Dragon Ball' Character Goes Viral

Some people name their kids after food. Some after famous cities.

And then there's Carlos Sanchez.

When Sanchez discovered that his wife is expecting a son, he had a special request. He wanted to name his son after the OG Super Saiyan, Goku.

In case the classic anime Dragon Ball never made it onto your watch list, Goku is a black-haired lovable hero who has been defending Earth from villainous aliens since the mid 80s. Here's a trailer from Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' if you want to get a look (he's the one in orange at 1:02).

Of course, Sanchez's wife didn't immediately jump at the suggestion.

So, Sanchez took to Facebook to find help.


"My wife said if I get 1 mil like," Sanchez's sign reads, "I can name our son Goku."

Luckily for him, the picture went viral!

Amassing over 1.4 million likes in less than a week, Dragon Ball fans rose to the challenge and pushed Sanchez far beyond his 1 million like goal.

Two days later, Sanchez and his wife posted their response on Facebook.


Needless to say, young Goku Sanchez will be the envy of DBZ fans everywhere.

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