CASHnip Kitty Steals Cash... And Hearts

An Oklahoman cat is purring its way into the hearts of Tulsa residents and the internet!


CASHnip Kitty is a feline "employee" who greets visitors at the front door of GuRuStu.


CASHnip Kitty is making headlines for its favorite game... stealing money!


Employees were surprised when they began noticing a pile of bills by the store's glass door.

After a little investigation, they determined the cause.


In an attempt to play with GuRuStu's favorite feline, passersby slip dollar bills between the crack in the glass.

As soon as it spots the cash, the aptly named CASHnip Kitty snatches the bill out of their hands and stashes it on the ground.


Not knowing what to do with the cash, GuRuStu decided to donate all of CASHnip Kitty's "earnings" to the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless.


Check out GuRuStu's interview with KOTV below:

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