Student Uses Loophole In Professor's Exam Instructions

Professor Reb Beatty allows students to bring in a 3x5 notecard during his exam.

On the first test day of the semester, Beatty was surprised to discover a student had interpreted his allowance a little... differently.


Instead of a 3"x5" notecard, the student brought a 3'x5' poster.

Beatty shared the experience online on Instagram and Facebook. After a massive outpouring of responses, Beatty shared the following update:

Edit (22 September, 4 pm): With all of the attention that this has received, I wanted to clarify a couple of things: (1) Using a 3x5 inch (or foot) card/poster in an accounting course is just as much - if not more - a preparatory tool than a test aid. The approach is that the process itself will force the student to organize his/her thoughts, put material into terminology that he/she understands, et cetera. It is NOT cheating, or going easy on students, or however you want to reference it. An accounting exam, designed effectively, requires application of concepts and proficiency in the material, not just regurgitating facts. In a time-sensitive environment (such as this), a student will not be successful, regardless of the size of test aid, if he/she cannot apply concepts to various practical situations. I have allowed note cards for years and have had a perfect raw score on this particular exam MAYBE once or twice (none in the past two years, and that's as far back as I checked). (2) This student is a male, not a female as referenced by many.

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