Belchertown Girl Target Of Child Abduction

Local Belchertown resident Brandi Cardona has taken to Facebook to share a frightening experience she had yesterday with her daughter, Scarlett.

While visiting a local McDonald's, Cardona noticed a group of men exhibiting unusual behavior.

"I had a feeling in my gut that something was wrong," she writes, "my hair was standing up."

In her post, Cardona notes that the group came into the restaurant before splitting up, leaving one man in the restaurant while the rest waited by the truck.

"From the moment he entered and right after he used the restroom," Cardona shares, "he did not take his eyes off of Scarlett or I for over 20 minutes."

The man attempted to converse with Cardona, saying things like "she's so cute," "kids are so precious and innocent," and asking "what's her age" and "her name."

When Cardona was ready to leave, she approached the McDonald's staff, explained the situation, and asked for a male employee to escort them to her car.

"The man never took his eyes off of us, watched us the entire time I buckled her up. The men he was with were waiting by their white 4 door truck with the two back doors open and two men waiting by those doors and one in the driver seat. Not one of them took [their] eyes off of my daughter and I that entire time."

Cardona was able to get her daughter to safety, but she shared her experience to warn other families in the Belchertown area.

"Just because we live in that small town bubble doesn't mean we are protected from the crazy people in this world."

Read her full experience below.


Photo: Christina Iranzo/Getty Images

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