LOOK: Jealous Groomsman Says 'I Don't'

A groomsman's hilarious reaction to a couple's engagement is going viral!

Groomsmen Mitch Jolliff posed with the happy couple during their engagement photos, donning boots that changed their "I do" to "I don't."

Months later at the wedding, photographer Lindsey Berger of Country Roads Photography had a brilliant idea.

"We had so much fun with this," she shared on Facebook. "It literally just came to me at the wedding that we needed to recreate the picture but have her boot say, I won! But have the best pal be pouting on the side!"

The results are hilarious.


Good news for our lonely groomsmen, though... he's not lonely!

Girlfriend Bree Orchard jumped on Facebook to confirm, "he's not gay and he's not single!! but yes he is amazing (and mine )"

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