Photographer Offers Free Graduation Photos, Hair Cuts, Make Up For Students

Richard Wah, owner of Wah photography, shared a message on Facebook that's going viral.

"Its Graduation time and there are kids out there with no support system or funds to do the normal things in life like something as simple as having the money for high school GRADUATION PICTURES."

Teaming up with friends, Wah offered to help students with graduation photos, a barber to cut their hair beforehand, and two make up artists.

"I don't know what your story is and why you can't afford them, but if you TRULY can't afford high school graduation pictures and live in Philadelphia, We are allowing you to PAY WHATEVER YOU CAN AFFORD for high school graduation pictures."

His post has touched many Facebook users, with several reaching out to offer additional assistance.


Some even knew students who could use the offer.


Read Wah's full post below!


Photo Credit: kconnors/Morguefile

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