Local Artist Gains National Recognition With Anatomical Artwork

Local artist Danny Quirk flexes his talent in a new INSIDER Science spotlight on his anatomical art.


A graduate from Pratt Institute, Quirk was previously recognized by the Smithsonian in 2013 as he began using his art for educational purposes.


Quirk's piece, "Chest Dissection," even gained a famous admirer... Madonna! The Queen Of Pop used Quirk's work in her tour promotion, adding a portrait shot on top of the piece.


Check out Quirk's time-lapse video of his muscled back painting below.


In addition to his anatomical work, Quirk has also released a series calling attention to PTSD and the hidden suffering of our service men and women.

On his website, Quirk notes, "The soldier's name is 'Ayudar' meaning 'to help' in spanish. PTSD is seen as a weakness in the military, and asking for help is like speaking a foreign language. I painted this piece to give troops who suffer something to connect to, and hopefully help them and their struggles. A war in a foreign country is rough, but a war inside your own head is hell."


Want to see more of Quirk's work?

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