WATCH: Mother's Rant Reveals Real Reason Behind Red Ribbon Week

You're probably familiar with school initiatives to prevent drug abuse. Some come up with "fun" ideas to encourage kids to say "no" to drugs.

One mother, however, has had enough of it.

After receiving a letter about Red Ribbon Week, Melissa Radke couldn't stay silent.

"The goal of the campaign is to encourage children of all ages to be drug free throughout their lives," Radke reads. "That is a lie," she interjects. "The goal is to drive moms crazy with different outfits every single day."

"We're too bright for drugs! Wear neon," Radke says, reading the Wednesday description. "Say when they're like twenty and they become drug addicted, then their parents would say, 'If you had dressed brighter, maybe none of this would have happened.'"

"Thursday. Don't let drugs find you! Wear camo," she reads. "Crack doesn't go away if you match the forest."

Check out the whole hilarious rant below.

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