Man's Jackpot Winnings Taken When Woman Pushes Button

Imagine winning $100,000, only to have to taken away from you because someone else pressed the button.

That's exactly what happened to Jan Flato.

Flato placed a $50 bet on a slot machine with his player card, but asked his friend Marina Navarro to press the button for good luck.

That spin ended up winning him the $100,000 jackpot!

But when the casino reviewed the camera footage, they were forced to award the winnings to Navarro instead.

According to the casino, the button pusher is the winner, not the person who offered up the money.

In an article in the Miami Herald, Frank Legato, editor of Global Gaming Business, confirms the rule, saying, "Pressing the spin button is really the act of making the wager."

Note to self: never let anyone else press the button on a slot machine.


Photo Credit: FOX 13 WTTG

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