Dwayne Johnson Surprises Biggest Fan With Photobomb

In a recent competition on The Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon and his guest Dwayne Johnson dressed up as mascot versions of themselves to walk around Universal Studios, high-fiving, hugging and taking photos with fans.

However, the highlight came when the two headed inside to photobomb some unsuspecting guests.

One such guest happened to be Dwayne's BIGGEST fan!

After the photobomb, the fan smiled and shook (the still costumed) Johnson's hand, saying, "The Rock, my man, my hero since I was like five years old."

As he turned away, Johnson took off the costume head, revealing himself. The fan's reaction when he found out is absolutely priceless.


After, Johnson took to Instagram to share his reaction to the experience and it will melt your heart.


"Not only were Michael and Jessica on THEIR HONEYMOON but he's also been one of my biggest fans since he was 5yrs old. He has not one, but THREE tattoos dedicated to me. This reaction was priceless and I'm still shaking my head at the chain of events that had to happen for this one moment of awesomeness to go down. Thank you universe. Thank you fate. Easily one of the BEST parts of fame."

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