Father Turns Daughter Into Police After Discovering Plans For Mass Shooting

An 18-year-old's plans for a mass shooting at her school were foiled by a surprising hero... her father.

The father contacted school officials to warn of the threat, prompting local police to respond and launch an investigation.

According to Frederick County Sheriff's Office, the girl had kept a journal detailing her plans.

Ms.Cevario’s journal clearly spelled out a detailed shooting event that she planned to execute on a specific date in April at Catoctin High School. Evidence recovered from her home revealed that she was actively acquiring materials needed to execute the plot. Those items included a shotgun with ammunition, bomb making materials to include pipes with end caps, shrapnel, fireworks, magnesium tape, and fuse material.

In addition to collecting materials, the student made detailed notes about the safety procedures at the school.

Ms. Cevario’s journal revealed that she had been planning this event for some time and had been compiling intelligence on behavior activities of the school, noting emergency procedures associated with drills conducted by school staff and obtaining intelligence on the School Resource Deputy assigned to the school. The journal was very detailed including a timeline that revealed how she was going to execute the plot and her expectations at each stage of the event.

Thankfully, her father's quick intervention prevented the potentially horrific event from occurring.

The student has been hospitalized.

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