Wisdom Tooth Nightmare: Student Emails TA While High

If you've ever had your wisdom teeth removed, you know the meds you receive afterwards can have some... surprising side effects.

College student Abby Jo Hamele experienced this firsthand when she remembered a paper was due the next day.

So Hamele decided to email her TA.

While high on hydrocodon.


That's right.

Hamele tried bribing her TA with a promise to answer all of his questions in class and a new set of Expo dry erase markers.

When she realized what she had done, Hamele jumped on Twitter, anguishing over her impromptu email.

But somehow... it worked!


Hamele shared her TA's response and it's hilarious.

"This email was, uh, a bit unorthodox."

Thankfully, Hamele's wisdom tooth nightmare ended with a laugh.

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