Deputy Responds To Drunk Driving Call, Discovers Marine In Need

Sheriff's Deputy Mark Watson was responding to a drunk-driving call when he found an elderly man sitting in his car alone.

84-year-old Lyle Wise had decided to go shopping at 4:30 the previous evening.

The next morning, Deputy Watson discovered Wise 20 miles away in a courthouse parking lot, not intoxicated, but lost and displaying early signs of dementia. 

Watson searched his car for a phone or contact information, but only found his home address and a stack of cards.

When he examine the cards, Watson noticed they resembled discharge paperwork from the United States Marine Corp. Watson, who got out of the Marine Corp himself 10 years ago, was struck by the news.

"Once a marine, always a marine.... We are a band of brothers," Watson told FOX 4. "We take care of our own."

Determined to help Wise, Watson turned on his red and blue lights, and had Wise follow him all the way home, navigating through rush hour traffic on a major highway.

Semper Fi.

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