Struggling Mom Accidentally Messages Wrong Person, Stranger Offers Help

Mother of three Amy Rickel was homeless, jobless, and without a car when she found a helping hand in someone she mistakingly messaged on Facebook.

Rickel reached out to Brian, a man who shared the same name as her old friend.

Hi Brian, wondering if you know a good bible verse for someone to pray when in deep fear, weak, scared and personal despair/lost/breaking?

Upon realizing her mistake, she messaged back,

Wrong person, I am so sorry

However, the story doesn't end there.

When Brian replied to Rickel's pleas, he sent her verses filled with faith and hope, as well as the following message.

Maybe God had u accidentally contacted me... always reasons.

At the time, Rickel was living with her children in a hotel room, but had finally run out of money.

That's when Brian stepped in.

The generous stranger covered the cost of her hotel stay, and inspired her to set up a GoFundMe page as well.

I am a single mother of three children ages 4, 6,and 8. I have recently lost my job and then my car died. We have been staying at a hotel we can no longer afford and all of the shelters that accept kids have long waiting lists. My only concern at this point is making sure my kids are safe and warm! Any and all help will be welcomed and received with warm loving grateful hearts, and we as a family will pay it forward as soon as we are able! Thank you all in advance for even considering helping my family out, you may never know how much it will mean to me but know that it will be everything this time of year knowing they are all warm and safe!!

As word spread, Rickel and her family were invited to move into a local family's home, lent a mini van, and connected to a local medical recruitment office where she ended up finding a job.

All within nine days of that initial message.

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