37-Year-Old Banned From Starbucks After Hitting On Barista

A 37-year-old was banned from a Starbucks because he was repeatedly hitting on a 16-year-old barista. Now, he wants to sue Starbucks for discrimination!

The man took to Facebook to share his story, as he claims he's allowed to flirt with the girl and that his ban is "a clear case of age discrimination."


But wait! The story gets worse!

Someone apparently took a screenshot of his Facebook comments and shared them on Twitter.


And if that's not enough to creep you out, take a look at the note he wrote!

Twitter user @smithemma_smith shared a picture of the note he left for the barista and shared it on the social platform.

"Every day I want to die without someone as gorgeous as you in my life."

Odd, but not creepy enough to warrant a police officer banning the man from the establishment, right?

That's what we thought, until we read the back....


What do you think? Creepy and inappropriate, or just a case flirting gone wrong?

Photo: ponsulak/Fotolia

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