Should Partners Share Passwords in a Relationship?

If you and your partner trust each other, it might seem obvious that you should share passwords, especially for something as simple as Netflix or Postmates. But there is a pretty big difference between streaming The Office for the 715th time and getting their Instagram password or even phone passcode. It takes a LOT of trust to breach that level of intimacy in your relationship.

There are some risks involved in deciding to take that next step with your partner and share that kind of info. In the event of a bad breakup, your partner could use their access to your social media to take revenge on you. We've all heard the stories from friends who spy on their ex's through their socials - now imagine if they could get in and read any dm's or worse, lock them out of their own accounts!

So, is it ever a good idea to share passwords? Well, it really depends on your dynamic with your partner. It's important to set privacy boundaries. Make sure that you and your partner communicate about what is allowed and what isn't for example, logging in to see a private meme page vs checking their direct messages.

Do you and your partner share passwords or give each other access?

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