63% Of People Use Guilt Trips In Their Relationship

Couple unhappiness

Do you or your partner use guilt trips to get what you want? We recently conducted a twitter poll that asked if you have ever used guilt trips to get what you wanted in your relationship and 63% of people do use guilt trips!

When two people are together, they inevitably reach a point when one of them would like things from his or her partner that the other partner is unwilling to give.

If you are unsure if you use guilt trips, these are are typically the signs of it from Psychology.com

  1. Using exaggerated emotional expressions to signify you’re hurt, such as sulking and pouting.
  2. Invoking obligations due to commitment, love, and concern.
  3. Showing how worse off you are than your partner and therefore why this you need this change to occur.
  4. Telling your partner how hurt you are by his or her unwillingness to change.
  5. Reminding your partner of how many times you’ve sacrificed for the relationship or ways you’ve been wronged in the past.

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