Hotel Takeover!

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Photo: Mike_Kiev / iStock / Getty Images

TFW the employee of the month doesn’t even work there…Three friends are being called heroes after running a Nashville La Quinta Inn & Suites when it appeared no employees showed up for work. Everything was documented on TikTok, showing the friends who arrived early Wednesday morning checking in guests, answering phones and even setting up the breakfast buffet.

An employee eventually showed up and gave them a room key. But when they opened the door, they were greeted by a confused – and naked – woman who didn’t know why they were standing in her room. A short time later, the GM from another Wyndham Hotels & Resorts came by and checked them in at the other hotel, giving them suites and a free breakfast. What did the guests-turned-employees think of the experience? “…this has just honestly been a s#!tshow of a mess,” they explained.

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