Stranger Gifts Family Who Lost Everything In Fire A Truck And A House

Property is a good investment

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On March 13th, Lindsay and AJ Rowe woke up to their home quickly filling with smoke. The Hartland, Michigan, couple rushed to get the six of their seven children who were home at the time out of the house and were forced to jump from a second-story window in a dramatic and dangerous exit. All eight of them had to be taken to the hospital and treated for smoke inhalation and other burn-related injuries, but they were going to be okay. Their home, on the other hand, was a complete loss.

Members of their tight-knit Langston County community rallied to help the Rowes, including donating to a crowdfund to help them get back on their feet, but the family would soon be able to leave the hospital and they would be able to go. "We were offered a hotel room, which totally not ungrateful,” Lindsay says. “But it isn’t a great option for a family of our size." Then news of the family’s situation made it to Brighton Ford owner John Cueter, who knew he needed to do something to help the Rowe family.

A few hours later, Cueter was at the hospital giving the Rowe family the keys to a home and a pickup truck. He has told the Rowes they can use the home and vehicle for as long as they need and they’re beyond grateful that someone they don’t even know could be so kind. "This is a complete stranger who just gave me his home for my family,” Lindsay says. “Not just a home, a beautiful home where we can begin to heal.” She says the kind act is just one more reminder that there are still good people in the world.

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