Florida FedEx Helps Elderly Woman

Physical Injury

Photo: Getty Images

A few weeks ago, FedEx driver Yeisel Rivera was delivering packages to Sharon Collar’s High Springs, Florida, home. Some time before Rivera’s arrival, while walking from one end of her property to the other, Collar passed out in a grassy field. When Rivera pulled into Collar’s driveway, she saw the elderly woman laying on the ground.

Rivera ran and asked Collar if she needed help and stayed with her until her family got to her. And now Collar is making sure the FedEx driver is getting the recognition she deserves. "You know she didn’t have to stop or anything,” Collar says. “She could have just went and delivered the packages over there."

For her part, Rivera says she was happy to help. "It’s my nature to help people,” she says. Collar doesn’t know how long she was laying there in the grass and doesn’t know what would have happened if Rivera hadn’t stopped to help her. She believes Rivera might have saved her life, and says, “She is definitely my hero."

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