British Man Told He Doesn't Have To Pay Taxes...Because He's Dead

Taxes Word on Wood Block on Top of Coins Stack

Photo: Getty Images

The South Norfolk Council in England sent Stuart Dobson a letter apologizing for another letter they had sent him that regretfully informed him that he had died…but he could get a tax exemption due to his untimely passing. The council says it was a case of “human error,” but it was a worse one that it sounds.

The letter arrived just a month after Stuart’s wife of 54 years, Ann, had died, and the letter should have referenced her and not Stuart. He hand-delivered a letter to the council to point out the error, and says, “they’re asking me to fill in forms when they think I’m dead,” adding, “I don’t need this at all.”

Below is some advice on how to avoid paying too much after you die.

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