Judy DeLong: Food Bank of Western Mass Is "Phenomenal"

Judy DeLong is a volunteer manager at Granby To-Go, which operates as a food pantry and also fills the gap for kids' meals on the weekends. DeLong sat down with Zito and Suzanne to talk about how the program relies on the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts.

"They're a very big supporter of our program," DeLong explains. "During COVID, they were phenomenal on helping our students, and also the families, making sure they had food in their homes."

When COVID-19 forced area schools to close, Granby To-Go was impacted.

"Because we are located in school, our program had closed."

But their work didn't stop.

"We are a sister program of Neighbors Helping Neighbors food pantry, and we teamed up with them."

"We made sure that families were able to come down fill up their homes with food," DeLong continues. "No matter if it was once a week, twice a week, we made sure that they had that support system there."

"We wanted to make sure we work definitely able to fill the gaps. Whether it be clothing, which our pantry had, other resources of helping them get EBTs."

The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts needs your help.

Join Judy DeLong in the effort to alleviate hunger in Western Mass. Support the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts today.

Photo: Food Bank of Western Massachusetts

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