Jeff Duckworth On Food Bank of Western Mass: "This Is A Way To Give Back"

The Morning Show's Zito and Suzanne sit down with Jeff Duckworth, a volunteer at the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts.

"I was looking to give something back to the community," Duckworth shares, "and I read about the Western Mass Food Bank and all the great work they do to help people here in Western Mass that might be food deprived and needed help."

"It seemed like exactly the kind of thing I want to get involved."

Duckworth reiterates that anyone can help.

"I don't have a medical degree. I can't, you know, save people that way." Duckworth continues, "But this is a way to give back and help an organization that is literally saving lives here in Western Mass with people that can't afford to to feed their family on a week to week basis."

"It's very fulfilling," Duckworth remarks. "We move close to a couple of tons of food every Tuesday afternoon."

Join Jeff Duckworth in the effort to alleviate hunger in Western Mass. Support the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts today.

Photo: Food Bank of Western Massachusetts

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