Food Bank Farm Provides Produce To Springfield Public Schools

Benee Hershon is a Community Engagement Coordinator with Terracorp, a New England branch of AmericaCorp.

During her year of service, Hershon is working with the Food Bank of Western Mass to plan their new Food Bank farm.

"I never imagined," Hershon says, "once graduating from college, I could join the TerraCorp program and really be at the forefront of planning the new Food Bank farm that we have in Hadley."

"The farm is 142 acres... and it’s split in half between two local Pioneer Valley farmers. So all of the produce that they're growing will go to the Springfield Public School system."

Three acres will be a community engagement farm that follows sustainable agricultural practices.

"A lot of what we're planting is actually based on what we've been seeing in the Food Bank sorting room."

With the new Food Bank farm, a wider selection of crops will be available to our neighbors in need than what is currently available. "We're looking into growing some culturally relevant crops like bok choy or collard greens," Hershon offers as examples.

Join Benee Hershon in the effort to alleviate hunger in Western Mass. Support the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts today.

Photo: Food Bank of Western Massachusetts

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