Zito & Friends: Hungry For Comedy

Need a laugh?

Zito has called up his friends Kelly MacFarland, Corey Rodrigues, and Jimmy Dunn to bring some laughs right to your screen in his new comedy special "Zito & Friends: Hungry For Comedy."

We're all hungry for a laugh, but some of our neighbors need our help putting food on the table.

So while you sit back and enjoy a much-needed chuckle, please consider making a donation to our friends at the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts and Worcester County Food Bank.

Support The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts by visiting mix931.com/foodbank.

Support The Worcester County Food Bank by visiting 961srs.com/foodbank. Type "comedy" in the box labeled "What prompted you to give today?"

Watch the full video below!

*WARNING: This comedy special is intended for adults age 18 and older. Video contains adult content and brief expletives.*

Can't get enough? Check out the stars' websites for more of their work and to check out their upcoming events!


Chris Zito (facebook.com/Chris-Zito-Is-Funny)

Kelly MacFarland (kellymacfarland.com)

Corey Rodrigues (coreyrodrigues.com)

Jimmy Dunn (jimmydunn.com)

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