WATCH: Police Rescue Multiple Ducklings In Texas

I'm so glad that these kind and courageous police officers saved these ducklings. Read below to get the full story! 


"It was a happy ending for 12 ducklings who fell into a storm drain south of Houston. While on patrol, Sergeant Adam Carroll noticed a mother duck pacing near the storm drain and went to check it out. That's when he discovered the ducklings stuck in the drain, so Sgt. Carroll and Officer Matthew Webb conducted a rescue, which was all caught on camera. The below video shows vantage points from both the dashcam and the officer's body camera. A police official said that while the rescue was going on, mama duck would fly over and watch the two officers' progress. The dozen ducklings were all released and quickly found their mother. 'I put them at the front of the tall grass and they all started shooting off toward her," said Officer Webb. According to the Pearland Police Department, 'The ducklings were reunited with their mother who no doubt gave them a stern talking to!'"


Thumbnail Photo Credit: Police Activity YouTube Channel 

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