Eminem Celebrates A Major Milestone In His Sobriety Journey


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Eminem is celebrating his 16th straight year of being sober.

On Saturday, April 20, the Detroit rapper took to Instagram and shared his accomplishment with the world. He simply posted a photo that shows his new silver Alcoholics Anonymous coin in the palm of his hand. You can see the number "16" inscribed into a triangle which represents the three pillars of AA: unity, service and recovery. The coin means Eminem hasn't touch a drop of alcohol or any other type of drug in 16 years. His friends and fans all showed him plenty of love in the comment section.

"Sweet 16. So proud of you," his longtime manager Paul Rosenberg wrote.

The accomplishment comes years after the Shady Records co-founder confronted his addiction to Vicodin, Valium, Ambien and prescription drugs. Back in 2007, Eminem was hospitalized after he nearly died from an overdose on methadone. It was the wake-up call the Grammy award-winning rapper needed to change his life. When he was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2022, Eminem spoke about overcoming his addiction and credited music for saving his life.

"I almost died from an overdose in 2007, which kind of sucked," Eminem said at the podium. "Hailie, plug your ears. Because drugs were f**king delicious. I thought we had a good thing going on, but I had to go and f**k it all up."

"I had to really fight my way through man to try and breakthrough in this music, and I'm so honored and I'm so grateful that I'm even able to be up here doing hip-hip music, man, because I love it so much," he concluded.

Congratulations Eminem!

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