Twitter Drags Kim Kardashian For Sharing An Uplifting Video

Kim Kardashian tried to empower and inspire women with her latest Twitter post, but her message was not received the way she intended.

On Saturday (January 23), the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star shared a 2020 video from Netflix’s Strong Black Lead titled “Hey Queen” that features a compilation of clips from notable Black women — from Michelle Obama to Angela Bassett to Viola Davis — sending motivational messages to other Black women around the world.

“I received this from a friend this morning and it came right on time but I passed it along to all of my queens this morning and it made their day too... pass it on to uplift someone today,” Kardashian captioned the clip, innocuously.

For those who don’t know, Netflix’s marketing team launched Strong Black Lead in 2018 as a movement to amplify Black voices and creators. This fact, unbeknownst to Kardashian, is why hundreds of Twitter users criticize the reality star’s post with messages of disapproval, mostly from members of the Black community.

Babyyy this message was for black women from black women. This was not for you,” one user tweeted, as someone else pointed out, “Did you notice ANY difference between you and every woman in the video?”

“MAAM. this video is from @strongblacklead and is SPECIFICALLY for Black Women uplifting other Black Women,” another user explained. “You knew what you were doing with this bulls—t and you deserve errything that comes along with it lmaooo. This is exactly why Kimberly. THIS is why loool.”

See how Twitter reacted to Kim’s tweet below:

Photo: Getty Images