The Beatles' Abbey Road Crossing Finally Repainted With No Tourists Around

The London crosswalk where The Beatles photographed their most iconic album cover in 1969, has been so busy amusing tourists over the past 50 years, the city was never able to repaint the fading lines.

That changed on Thursday.

With tourism at a pause and most Londoners practicing social distancing and staying indoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, local officials finally had an opening to address the worn down intersection.

When travel resumes, the crossing will look a lot more like it did when John, Ringo, Paul and George walked it.

It makes sense that the city kept putting off maintenance. The paint takes a long time to dry, and with so many people using Abbey Road for photo ops every day, closing the crosswalk would create horrible congestion on the otherwise narrow streets.

You can look out on the eerily quiet intersection via webcam here.

Photo: Getty Images