Disney Bringing Two More New Movies To Disney+ In April

A few weeks ago, Disney announced they'd be bringing their latest feature film to Disney+ early. Disney and Pixar's Onward hit theaters shortly before the COVID-19 crisis forced movie theaters across the United States to close for the foreseeable future. Since movie-goers wouldn't get the chance to catch the family-friendly flick on the big screen, the House of Mouse decided to bring the movie to them much earlier than originally planned.

In addition to releasing Onward the streaming platform on April 3, Disney just announced they'll release two more new movies alongside the animated feature. Disney made the exciting announcement that Disneynature's Elephant and Dolphin Reef are both coming to Disney+ on Instagram on Friday (March 27). Not only will the upcoming nature documentaries showcase these animals, they're both narrated by A-List stars. Meghan Markle will narrate Elephant, while Natalie Portman will narrate Dolphin Reef.

Elephant will follow African elephant Shani and her young son Jomo as their herd journeys hundreds of miles across the Kalahari Desert. The herd is led by fellow elephant Gaia—their matriarch—and faces numerous challenges as they follow in their ancestor’s footsteps to find a green paradise to call home. To celebrate the release of Elephant, Disneynature and the Disney Conservation Fund will lend support to Elephants Without Borders, which helps ensures elephants continued survival in Botswana. The Duchess of Sussex reportedly did not take a paycheck for her work on the documentary and instead made a donation to Elephants Without Borders, as well.

Dolphin Reef follows a young Pacific bottlenose dolphin named Echo as he explores explore his coral reef home. Viewers will be taken under water to watch Echo as he learns from his family how to survive and learn his role in the wider marine life community.

Will you be streaming any of these new films on April 3?

Photo: Disney

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