Alex Trebek Reciting Lizzo Lyrics Is 100% This Week's Cutest Video Clip

Turns out Alex Trebek is 100 percent that game show host!

On the Thursday (March 26) episode of Jeopardy!, the longtime host gifted the Internet a much-needed feel good video clip with the help of some Lizzo lyrics.

After a contestant picked the category "Lyrics of Today" for $1,000, up came the clue, which Alex expertly recited: “Her: ‘New man on the Minnesota Vikings / Truth hurts, needed something more exciting / Bom bom bi dom bi dum bum bay,'”

A contestant then answered, “Who is Lizzo?" to which Trebek quipped, “Yep and I did it exactly like she does, didn’t I? Yeah.” (You sure did, Alex!)

As fans know, this isn't the first time Lizzo has been featured on the game show. Back in October, the "Good As Hell" singer was an answer to a question on Jeopardy! and she celebrated the honor on Instagram.

"B*TCH B*TCH THIS AINT A DRILL IM A @jeopardy QUESTION MAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I MADE IT I LOVE YOU ALEX TREBEK 🤯😱," she captioned the video that showed her as a $600 question.

As for the question that Alex posed to contestant Diana, it was: "In 2019, this 5-letter rap and R&B artist had the "Juice" to be nominated for Best New Artist at the VMAs."

Photo: Getty Images