Teens On TikTok Share Videos To Protect Uber Riders

Have you ever felt unsafe while riding in an Uber or Lyft?

Teens on TikTok have created a series of videos that riders can play to discourage drivers with malicious intents.

These short videos mimic a conversation between the rider and the video creator, who impersonate friends, parents, or significant others. The clips suggest that a loved one is tracking the rider's location, and someone is waiting for them at the drop-off point.

Many clips are interactive, with users prompting responses in highlighted text, such as "on my way home" or "I'll text you when I'm close."

Users have offered a variety of accents, languages, and relationships to best match a rider's profile.

For example, here's a clip from TikTok user @kneevo simulating a sister with an Irish accent warning the rider that their mother is waiting at home and tracking their location.

This other option from @chiliheatwave replicates an exchange with a British girlfriend stating she's tracking the user's location and hinting that the rider has a weapon they could sue to defend themselves.

Check out more example below.

Photo: Moment RF

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