Selena Gomez Surprises Fans With Long-Awaited 2016 Song 'Feel Me'

Selena Gomez’s “new” bop is a blast from the past.

Last night, the singer officially released her song “Feel Me,” a record the songbird has been teasing Selenators with since 2016. "On the Revival Tour, I introduced a song that you guys haven’t stopped talking about since. Soo you asked and I listened. Today, 'Feel Me' is out online and vinyl everywhere,” the artist announced when the track dropped at midnight.

While the song has been in Gomez’s arsenal for four years, its high-tempo beat and message are as timely as ever. “No one love you like I love ya/ Never cheat, never lie/ Never put no one above ya/ I gave you space and time,” the 27-year-old opens the track over a pop-infused beat.

From there, the tone of the tune continues to draw on an unfaithful lover wanting to get back what he lost — Selena, in this case — because the pop star, knowing she’s irreplaceable, lingers on in their mind. “Do your days get a little bit longer?” she asks, leading the track to the infectious chorus: “Every time your lips touch another/ I want you to feel me/ Every time you dance with somebody/ I want you to feel me.”

For many, Gomez’s decision to release the track was an answered prayer as she had previously relented to release the record at all. Last month, a fan asked whether she’d consider dropping “Feel Me” with her new album, Rare, to which the vocalist replied, “That song was from when I was in a different place and doesn’t fit with where I am right now.”

The “different place” Gomez is referring to is without a doubt dredging up her past with ex Justin Bieber, with whom she had been dating on-and-off when “Feel Me” was written. Despite the years that have passed since then, the superstar officially closed that chapter of her life with her powerful number-one ballad “Lose You to Love Me” from her latest album.

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