Server Receives $5k Tip, Latest in the "Wahlberg Challenge"

A server in Salisbury, Massachusetts got a huge tip at the end of her sift from Boston car magnate and rich guy, Ernie Boch Jr. Jennifer Navaria works at the Seaglass Restaurant and when Ernie stolled in with party just before closely, her positive attitude excellent service paid off.

He tipped her $5-thousand on a meal that cost $157.56 and he wrote a note on the ticket reading, “Donnie, your move,” a reference to Donnie Wahlberg, who made headlines for leaving a $2,020 tip for an IHop server at the start of the year. Boch hopes his generosity inspires someone else to come along and tip a server even more than he and Donnie did.

Navaria says she told him, “‘You made my night,’” but really he made my month."

Check out how it all started below.

Photo: iStockphoto

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