New Yorkers Rescue Woman Trapped Underneath SUV, Lift Vehicle

Twitter user @colbydroscher captured the incredible moment when a mass of New Yorkers rescued a woman trapped under an SUV.

According to Colby, an SUV accidentally ran over a pedestrian, trapping her underneath their vehicle.

Onlookers quickly reacted, jumping into the road and tipping the vehicle over to free the woman. Others helped to drag the woman to safety from beneath the vehicle.

WARNING: Video contains strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.

In a follow up tweet, Colby revealed the woman is conscious and responsive.

According to Angelina N (@mozartianme), a witness on the scene, the driver of the SUV had attempted to drive away after hitting the woman.

"I was there," Angelina writes. "She tried to drive away. The lady under the car— her leg wouldn’t have gotten crushed if the lady driver immediately stopped after hitting the pedestrian. She was stopped by intersecting traffic that hit HER car."

Photo: colbydroscher/Twitter

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