Pippa Middleton And Meghan Markle Reportedly Don't Get Along

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Remember all those stories about Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton's royal feud? And also the feud between Prince Harry and Prince William? Well, there's apparently another feud in the mix now. Kate's younger sister Pippa Middleton and Meghan reportedly don't get along, despite having a lot of things in common.

“On paper, Pippa and Meghan seem like a match made in heaven, as they are both good cooks, enjoy exercise, and are wealthy mums with small baby sons,” royal expert Duncan Larcombe explained. “After the royal wedding [of William and Kate], there was a discussion there was something romantic between Harry and Pippa, which was incorrect. But it’s quite funny to think that Harry is now married to somebody who is quite similar in temperament, personality, and bubbliness to Pippa.”

Though the two women share many similar interests, an anonymous source told Fox Pippa is weary of getting close with Meghan. The reason for this reportedly stems from the friction in Meghan and Kate's early relationship. “Reality check is she is never going to be more than an American duchess married to Prince Harry who was hurtful to Pippa’s sister and who wants to rewrite the rules for the monarchy in the 21st century,” the source said. “Pippa is way too savvy to fall for all of that.”

“[Pippa] is a seasoned old Marlburian brought up with good manners, clever, and tough enough not to let light in on her sisterly frustrations with the Duchess of Sussex, particularly over the treatment Meghan meted out to Kate," the source continued. "At the end of the day, there is a cordial friendship, but an enduring closeness between Pippa and Meghan is never going to happen.”

Celebrities Attend Wimbledon 2019

Though Pippa still feels protective of her sister, Meghan and Kate have grown much closer in recent months. Royal expert Leslie Carroll explained: “I think they’re very different women. They seem to get along very well as professionals, as two duchesses who are going to be working together on charitable things. But they do have very different personalities. Kate is obviously very British. She’s very reserved and quiet. She’s going to be the future queen, so she’s doing everything she’s supposed to do. And in comes this whirlwind of an American who is ambitious and has a social conscience.”

Carroll also believes the "treatment" that turned Pippa off Meghan refers to the incident at Princess Charlotte's bridesmaids dress fitting for Harry and Meghan's wedding. Meghan and Kate reportedly had a disagreement that left the Duchess of Cambridge in tears. “Kate was postpartum at that time,” Carroll explained. “She’s hormonal and sensitive. And the first thing anyone has ever said about Meghan was how kind she was. Her sorority sisters, her former teachers — the first word that came to anyone’s mind was ‘kind.’ So the fact that Meghan was not kind implies other things were going on… She had so much on her plate, it wouldn’t have been surprising if she did snap.”

Kate and Meghan weren't instant BFFS like many royal watchers wanted them to be, however, the Duchesses have become much closer recently. Perhaps Pippa and Meghan's friendship will blossom next.

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