Rachel from Easthampton

Families are facing a difficult time this holiday season, and MIX 93-1 wants to help our friends and neighbors in need.

Together with Bright Nights, we're making Rachel from Easthampton's holiday a lot brighter by granting her holiday wish.

Rachel's mother Sharon was recently let go from her job.

"She has been applying everywhere and anywhere, even jobs out of state that would require her to move away from her family and her two granddaughters she loves more then anything."

Meanwhile, Rachel's step father had cancer a few years ago and can't work.

Now, Sharon is pursuing a bachelors degree and is enrolled in two extensive online courses.

"She has said that she is not exchanging gifts with her husband and only can afford a few gifts for the grandkids. I know this is killing her inside as I see her break down crying at least once a week."

"The stress my mother has been under trying to find a job and literally doing 8 hours of school work a day, I truly feel like she deserves a holiday miracle."

So Zito & Kera decided to give her a call...


Hi, is this Rachel?


Rachel this is Zito and Kera, how are you?

Good, how are you?

Hey, you sent us a letter for Holiday Wishes about your mom, Sharon.

I did.

You’re a winner.

Oh my God, that’s awesome.

Yes. So your mom lost her job, she’s taking these online courses, your step-dad’s a cancer survivor -- they’re going through a rough time right now.

Yes, it’s been so bad. This is amazing.

And this is your mom, it’s so funny, your letter it says ‘my mother, Sharon, is the nicest person I know.’ So you like your mom.

Yeah, well…

And that, Rachel, is what made your letter stand out. The fact that you love your mom, that really jumped off the page at me.

She is though, she really is.

Aw, that’s awesome. That’s great, that’s so sweet. You sound like you have a wonderful family, and this is what most of these letters are about. Right. Just nice, good people, hard working people -- run into tough times -- right. Your mom, Sharon, there was a merger and she lost her job.


So you’ll be able to give her this news, you’re gonna’ hook her up with a $200 Visa gift card

Oh my gosh.

...and a pass to Bright Nights, maybe she can take the grandkids.

Yeah, absolutely.

Well there you go. You give her our best, and a merry Christmas to you and your family.

Thank you so much.

Big thank you to Bright Nights for helping us grant Rachel's Holiday Wish.

Happy Holidays, Rachel, from all of us here at MIX 93-1!

Photo: CatLane/Getty Images

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