Michael from Feeding Hill

Times are tough for lots of good people, and MIX 93-1 wants to help our friends and neighbors in need. 

Together with Big Y and Bright Nights, we're making Michael from Feeding Hill's holiday a lot brighter by granting his holiday wish.

Michael's stepmother passed away two years ago, leaving behind Michael, his father, and this two little brothers, Nathanel, 4, and Zachary, 16.

Michael's father is disabled, due to his work lifting heavy machinery.

“My hope is that my father can receive anything to make my brothers holiday seem less empty with the loss of their mother Beatrice.”

Nathanel loves Nerf guns, Spiderman, Mickey Mouse, while Zachary, 16, is in school learning automotive.

"I would love to see them be able to have a fantastic holiday meal and to be able to have some presents to open on Christmas."

So Zito & Kera decided to give Michael a call...


Hello, is this Michael?

Yes, it is.

Michael, this is Zito and Kera from MIX 93-1. You sent us a letter about your dad and your little brothers for the Holiday Wishes and your a winner.

I’m a winner? That’s fantastic. They’re gonna be so excited.

Yeah, your little brother there that loves Nerf guns and Spider-Man…

Yup, yeah he definitely does.

And your other brother who’s learning automotive. So here’s what we’re gonna’ do, we’re gonna’ hook you up with a $200 Visa gift card -- and also a $100 Big Y gift card, and a Bright Nights pass.

Wow, that’s amazing.

So your dad will be able to take the kids to Bright Nights. And in your letter you said you wanted them to have a nice Christmas dinner, so that should take care of that.

That’s amazing, I really appreciate that, that’s fantastic.

We appreciate you, Michael. We love getting these Holiday Wish letters where somebody is completely selfless. You didn’t ask for anything for yourself -- just to help your dad out with those young boys, so we appreciate you.

Well thank you so much. It’s just been crazy. I paid for my little brother to go to Chuck E Cheese for his fifth birthday so at least he got something to do.


My dad couldn’t do anything, so yeah. I really appreciate the help, it’s so amazing. It really is.

Well it’s tough for young boys like that to lose their mom, really tough. So we hope this brightens the holiday for them, we just wanna wish them all the best and you, too. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you too, thank you so much.

Big thank you to Big Y, and Bright Nights, for helping us grant Michael's Holiday Wish.

Happy Holidays, Michael, from all of us here at MIX 93-1!

Photo: CatLane/Getty Images

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