Kelly from Ware

Times are tough for lots of good people, and MIX 93-1 wants to help our friends and neighbors in need. 

Together with Fleury Lumber, we're making Kelly from Ware's holiday a lot brighter by granting her holiday wish.

Kelly reached out on behalf of her parents.

"My holiday wish is for my parents to get a new roof. Their roof is in terrible shape and they can't afford to get a new one."

Her parents - both public servants - are in need of a new roof and Kelly would love to help them out. 

So Zito & Kera decided to give her a call...

Good morning, is this Kelly?


Kelly, it’s Zito and Kera from MIX 93-1. You sent in a request to get a Holiday Wish for your folks, and uh, you win.




Well, you know, your folks are having some trouble with their house.


They need a new roof. That’s a big deal. That’s a HUGE deal. Kelly, holy cow. And your dad’s a veteran?


What branch of the service was he in?


He was in the Navy? Well listen, you thank him on our behalf for his service, and we’re gonna hook you up with a Fleury Lumber gift card. Okay?

Thank you so much.

A pretty sizable one so that’ll help you get started at least. And we’re gonna throw something else in, too. Yeah, a $200 Visa gift card, as well. Okay?

Holy moly, thank you guys so much.

Well, Kelly, you know what? It’s really sweet of you to think of your folks this time of year, so you pass along our best wishes to them and merry Christmas to you and your family.

Thank you, thank you so much.

Big thank you to Fleury Lumber for helping us grant Kelly's Holiday Wish.

Happy Holidays, Kelly, from all of us here at MIX 93-1!

Photo: CatLane/Getty Images

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