Deanna from Holyoke

Families are facing a difficult time this holiday season, and MIX 93-1 wants to help our friends and neighbors in need.

Together with AAA, Pro Lube Auto Center, and Bright Nights, we're making Deanna from Holyoke's holiday a lot brighter by granting her holiday wish.

Deanna is a single mother to two sons. Handicapped with a bad hip and back, Deanna lives paycheck to paycheck. Unfortunately, her car is on its last leg, and now she needs some help. 

“I have two boys that I want to give the world to but can’t.... I hate asking for help but my kids are amazing and deserve a good Christmas.”

So Zito & Kera decided to give her a call...

Zito & Kera: Hello, is this Deanna?

Deanna: Yes.

Hi, Deanna. This is Zito and Kera from MIX 93-1. We got your letter for our Holiday Wish and you’re a winner.

Oh my God, that’s awesome. I’m so excited!

You’re living on disability because of your hip....

Yes, yes I am.

...and you have two boys. How old are your sons?

I have a four-year-old and my oldest will be 13 the day after Christmas.

Oh really? Born on Boxing Day, that’s pretty exciting. Well, we’re not gonna be able to top that Christmas gift. I’d imagine that’s probably the best one you’ve ever got.

Yes it was, labor and Christmas dinner.

Well, our sponsors are helping put together a whole package for you. We’re gonna get you a $100 Visa gift card

Oh my God.

...a $100 Pro Lube gift card to take care of your car, a $100 AAA gift card, and a Bright Nights pass so you can take the kids.

Oh, that’s amazing. They’ve been wanting to go.

Deanna, we’re so happy that you reached out. We’re so happy to be able to help, and we just hope that this makes your holiday season a little brighter.

It definitely is, thank you guys so much!

Big thank you to AAA, Pro Lube Auto Center, and Bright Nights for helping us grant Deanna's Holiday Wish.

Happy Holidays, Deanna, from all of us here at MIX 93-1!

Photo: CatLane/Getty Images

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