Briana from Erving

Times are tough for lots of good people, and MIX 93-1 wants to help our friends and neighbors in need. 

Together with 90 Meat Outlet, we're making Briana from Erving's holiday a lot brighter by granting her holiday wish.

This past November, Briana's friends lost their home to a fire. Briana decided to open her home up to the US army veteran and their family until their home can be rebuilt.

With two boys herself, Briana’s now worried about pulling off Christmas.

“I need a Christmas miracle. Suffering such a loss at any time is crippling, but during the holiday season, it hits so much harder and I want to try and make it the best Christmas possible.”

So Zito & Kera decided to give her a call...

Zito & Kera: Briana, this is Zito and Kera. We called you because you submitted a letter for Holiday Wish.

Briana: Oh, yeah!

Your friends lost a lot of stuff in a fire and you took them in. We got your letter and you were chosen as one of our winners.

Oh no way!

Way, absolutely. We understand that one of your friends is a veteran? And did they lose everything in the fire?

Everything, yeah.

Oh my gosh, I can’t even imagine. 

It’s very kind of you and your hubby to take them in like that, but we understand that you have a houseful right now.... And you have two little boys, right?

Mhm, yup. Two little boys.

Well listen, we know that Santa’s gonna take care of the boys, but we also know there’s a house full of people to feed. So one of the things we’re gonna give you is a $250 gift card to 90 Meat Outlet.

Oh, nice!

Let me tell you, Briana, I make a monthly trip... I love the 90 Meat Outlet. And what else? We [have] something else for [you]. Yes, a $100 Visa gift card.

Oh, I’m gonna’ cry, that’s so nice.

Briana, we appreciate your generosity and taking in your friends, and we know that it makes things particularly difficult this time of year. We hope that this helps just a little bit.

Oh it does, thank you so much.

Big thank you to 90 Meat Outlet for helping us grant Briana's Holiday Wish.

Happy Holidays, Briana, from all of us here at MIX 93-1!

Photo: CatLane/Getty Images

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