LISTEN : Brynn Hits The Top 10 With Her Lady Gaga Song "You and I"

Wearing red, which we all know is a power color, Brynn just made the top 10 on The Voice.  The show opened with Carson Daly sharing Brynn was the most streamed contestant on Apple Music after Monday night's performance. This girl is ON FIRE!

This is what took her over the top! Gaga "You and I"

Literally just minutes before Brynn found out she was in the top 10 Carson asked her to basically tell the fans something they don't know about her friendships with so many people in her life. 

Brynn talked about how everyone on The Voice is part of one big family.  Going through an experience so unique like this brings us closer. 

Photo via NBC Universal

Kelly is amazing with Brynn and she know what it's like to win a contest like this. She won Idol at age 20.  She told Brynn after Mondays  performance that "Gaga is not easy to cover,man" Your vibe, everything about how you move, you're just so confident and comfortable in your skin, and you're only 15.  And it's crazy. It's infectious, and that is why America keeps voting you through.  Because you're beautiful and you're so talented."

Somebody please give us results, she's ready to GO!

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